About carina weijma





Carina Weijma has more than 15 years of experience in leadership and strategic advice in partnerships and change processes.
• Specialized in directing roles and as a bridge builder.
• In public-private partnerships between the business community, knowledge institutions and the government. With an international outlook.
• In economic revenue models, and in organizations that have no profit motive.
• The starting point is always the question “from what values ​​do we work, and how do we contribute?”
• The strategic route is out-of-the-box. Focused on added value for all parties involved, with divergent interests. With soul and professionalism.
Carina Weijma worked with innovative organizations such as ASML, Holst Center, European Space Agency (ESA), Brainport Eindhoven, the Van Abbemuseum. She works in partnerships such as the Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials, and the National Artificial Intelligence Coalition. Including industry associations, Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs, RVO, and embassies.

Carina Weijma also fulfills a number of positions on Supervisory and Advisory Boards.