LET OP. Dit is een Google vertaling

Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Tante Netty, Social Design Bureau
Advisory Board – Nationale Nederland branding, interdepartmental Council
Member of the Supervisory Board, housing association Dewasher, Arnhem

“I want society to be better and that we take care of our planet. That is why I think ‘influencing’ a better society is just as important as economic growth. What do you do as an organization when things get exciting? Integrity, cooperation and reflection are then the most important. Often ‘frayed edges’ make creative or hybrid solutions possible. I enjoy the broad field of work in high-tech, AI, art and design. International thinking is paramount.

This picture may look a bit strict, but if you look closely you can see my smile. After all; moving forward together, with a joke and a laugh. Keep it simple. ”