‘Storytelling is one of mankind’s greatest strengths. Drawings in prehistoric caves show how we dreamt, hoped, coexisted and loved. We remember especially the unusual stories we hear and the extraordinary people we meet. Stories that teach us something, that surprise, fascinate or move us.

In his book No Story, No Glory, Theo Hendriks writes: ‘Storytelling consists of activating the memory bank of associations you build up interacting with others. Stories brings things to life. And because you want to be part of the story, you become an involved participant instead of a critical spectator.’ But the form of communication that makes the most lasting impression is non-verbal communication. What you see, behaviour that you interpret, what you feel. Communication without metatext.

In 1995, I graduated in Italian Neorealism, a film movement in post-WWII Italy. The idea of ‘objectivity’ intrigues me. Film and photographic images that tell a story are never objective. We let each other see what we want the other to see, whether it’s true or not. But ‘the beauty and solace’ of an image have an impact that is not to be underestimated. The associations, emotions or atmosphere that images conjure up are the reasons why we seek contact with other people, other environments or another organization. And why people want to be involved in shaping the future of their dreams.

The photo app Instagram is a kind of window on the world for me: you can see so many different countries and get friendly and personal explanations, too. On Instagram I see how the inner child lives on, the candour with which it observes and asks questions (‘… and then? What happened next?’), is forever young and open to learning new things. Below are the last 60 photos I posted on Instagram because sharing and inspiring are second nature to me. If you like storytelling by pictures, photography or Instagram shots, my user name is carinaweijma.’