Holland High Tech

  • Between January and April 2012, I worked closely with the Dutch top team for high-tech systems and materials on the development of the Holland High-Tech brand. The deadline for the final strategy and the delivery of the story line, proofing points, stories, website, international toolkit EVD etc. was Hannover Messe in Germany in April 2012, which is the biggest industry event in Europe. The Holland High-Tech stand (by FME) was in the very sought-after research and development hall. It was pretty special to have a stand there considering that this is where German states and other countries, but not individual companies, normally exhibit. It was the first time that the Netherlands presented itself as a high-tech country. Bedrijvig Brabant was one of the magazines that covered the event.

    Download or read the full article in Bedrijvig Brabant

    The photos in this article show: speeches by Marc Hendrikse (top team HTSM), Chris Buijink (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation), Ineke Dezentje (FME) and Dr Jäkel (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany).

    PS: Do you recognize the pictures? One of the first microscopes by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. The crankshaft and sawmill. All Dutch innovations that had a big impact on world history.